Gilofa Style - Knee high (280 Den)
Gilofa Style - Knee high (280 Den)
Gilofa Style - Knee high (280 Den)
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Gilofa Style - Knee high (280 Den)

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Gilofa Style is the perfect stocking for the fashion-conscious woman. Thanks to its fine sheen , Gilofa Style is ideal for evening wear, a business outfit or a party dress. The extensive range of colors is supplemented annually by four changing fashion colors and thus offers a colorful change for every wardrobe.

Compressive support - ideal for me, for you, for everyone.

The upright walk of man is at the beginning of all vein problems. While the oxygenated blood gets into your legs almost by itself, the way back is a little more difficult. The veins have to pump the oxygen-poor blood from the bottom back up to the heart. When running, the calf muscles support the veins, compress them and thus the blood upwards. However, those who stand or sit a lot make it difficult for their veins. The blood can sink into the legs.

Sellers, sales representatives, travelers, office workers and many other professional groups can sing a song about it. In the evening, the legs are often swollen, tired and heavy. Here it is advisable to prevent and do something for your own health. Wearing support stockings helps to promote blood circulation and prevent travel thrombosis. 

The compressible vital and travel socks Gilofa are ideal for every occasion and different needs thanks to their different designs. All variants are appropriate and adapt ideally to the  individual leg dimensions 

 Pressure distribution travel stockings compression stockings

The stocking exerts controlled pressure on the leg from the outside.

Blood circulation in veins through compression

The blood inside the veins flows better and faster.


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