lastofa Verde - Knee High
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lastofa Verde - Knee High

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Our contribution

Lastofa Verde is Ofa Bamberg's first sustainable medical compression stocking.

Sustainable, because it consists to a large extent of the vegetable raw material castor-oil plant, which is continuously growing in dry regions where no other agricultural products can be grown. A fully renewable resource that does not pollute the environment through its cultivation and extraction.

In addition to its sustainable production, the innovative natural castor-oil fiber has further advantages: it is quick-drying and extremely resistant, ultralight and very elastic. This makes it perfect for the use in our compression stockings.

Sustainable, too, because we dye Lastofa Verde in a natural way. The outer walnut shells give their colour to the stocking during the dyeing process, which makes the attractive tone.

The first sustainable compression: Lastofa Verde

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