OFA 365 fine - Knee high (140 den)
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OFA 365 fine - Knee high (140 den)

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Ofa 365 fine stockings are the revitalizing stockings in fine stocking look for everyday use. Whether it's for the office, to go shopping in your spare time or for an evening in the theater: The revitalizing stockings match every wardrobe and look especially elegant because of their transparent design

Energy boost for your legs

Ofa 365 fine stockings are available as knee-length socks as well as hold-ups or tights. As a result, the revitalizing stockings in a fine stocking look offer a choice for every taste. The four classic colors complete the range.

The knee socks are available in three sizes, based on shoe sizes from 35 to 43. The Ofa 365 fine hold-ups and tights are available in seven sizes, which are selected according to the garment size.

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